Ice Fishing Contest

20 February 2011

The sun broke over the top of the leafless trees, sparkling off the bluish ice like a thousand diamonds. The blue skies and bright sun were pretty, but deceiving. The temperature was only 11 degrees, and with the winds steady at 25 mph, the wind chill was below zero. Which all made it very important to protect your skin.

Participation was very low this year. I don’t think it was so much the weather, but because it was the same day as two other major ice fishing tournaments in the area.

We had three generations of Harding men trying their luck, but that was not to be. Our big fish of the day was a fat 25 inch Chain Pickerel caught by Ron Fello. Tommy Fusco had the big Catfish of the day with a mudder just short of 13 inches. Surprisingly, no perch were caught. I noticed that the participants all were using pretty large baits. Maybe that had something to do with it.

The Bass I saw caught, although a bit skinny, was very healthy looking with good color and gave the fishermen a good tussle. The bass was quickly returned to the lake.

A few folks came out onto the ice to play and say hello and see how the fishermen were doing. Someone was even flying a kite. It was a great day for kites. Around a quarter to one the wind laid down and the temperature came up some. It was actually quite pleasant without the wind trying to blow the skin off your cheeks. After the 2 PM end, everyone went to the Clubhouse for hot chocolate. Overall it was a nice day.

                                                                   Text and Photos by
Thomas “Cutter” Yonskie

News & Events 6/23/2017

Paint & Sip Party!

Join us in a Paint & Sip Party, Saturday 8 July from 7-9 PM in the Clubhouse. This two-hour painting party is BYOB, and you will paint a Yankee Lake scene guided by Shawn Dell Joyce, an artist from the Wallkill School of Art. All materials and supplies will be provided. You must pre-register to participate! Cost is $30/person. Capacity is limited! Please register online at or call Liam or Regina at (845) 457-2787.

Sponsor a Clubhouse Window!

The YLPA is replacing windows in the “Roller Rink” area of the Clubhouse. You can help defray the costs by sponsoring a window. Sponsorships are $500 per window, and covers purchase and installation. A plaque will be placed under each sponsored window with a message up to 150 characters. Please click this link to download the order form. Submit your form and payment early before we run out of windows!

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Local News 3/14/2017

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