Bears 'n Trash

by Doug Spranger, North Shore Drive

Carol and I grew up in Montana where bears are also fairly commonplace but come in a variety of species - nice to nasty.  Yankee Lake bears (Black) are basically the ‘nice’ version.  That said, black bears are curious, intelligent, always-hungry and like to scavenge. Bears don’t look for trouble but shouldn’t be unnecessarily approached - particularly if IN your garbage.

Out west, there are a variety of specialized garbage cans that are virtually ‘bear-proof’.  But with 2,000 times the olfactory sense of human’s, there is no such thing as a scent-proof can.  Here in the Northeast (and at Yankee Lake) those of us who have commercial pick-up on Mondays are given an easy-to-open can that screams “come & get me.”

The Black Bear population has certainly increased since the late ‘80’s when we bought the Cutler cabin on North Shore - but last November they raided our garbage nearly every week, so we installed a simpler caribiner-style latch, like several other folks use along our road.  It works, to a point, but one night the bear(s) managed to actually unlatch the carabiner after tumbling the can down the road.  So we picked up garbage again. 

Shortly after that episode, and since I don’t want to keep our trash in the house and then drive to the dump the few days when open, we installed through-bolts (into captive fasteners) to keep the lid closed during the week.  And on Sunday night, we still use the simpler caribiner-style latch so the pick-up truck can somewhat easily open the lid before dumping.

So if you see our can upside-down, in the middle of the road on occasion (but unopened!) please remember that we’ve done our best to discourage their scavenging behavior!

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Thank You, Danny's!

Danny'sThank you to Danny's Village Inn for donating a $250 Danny's gift certificate as part of our Basketball Court fund-raising raffle. All Raffle drawings and Silent Auctions will be held at the End of Season Gathering, Saturday, 26 August. Get the full scoop here!

 Help! Basketball Court Fund-Raiser!Win Win!

Join us in a grass-roots effort to raise money to renovate our Basketball Court! As part of the End of Season Gathering on 26 August, we will Rafflie many high value prizes, as well as holding bidding Auctions for additional items. Raffle tickets can be bought in advance, and you don’t need to be present to win. Click here to browse Raffle entries. Auction bidding will all be in person at the event. Browse Auction items by clicking here. If you have items to add, or questions about the fund-raiser, contact Madeline Boyd. To see an overview of the fund-raiser and to see a sketch of the planned new Basketball Court, click here.

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