• $250 Danny's Gift Card

During the 26 August End of Season Gathering, our Basketball Court fund-raiser will culminate in the Raffle drawings and Bidding Auctions on our Get Hoop'd fund-raiser items.

Raffle tickets can be bought in advance by mail or at YLPA events prior to the 26th. To buy Raffle tickets in advance by mail, use the order form specific to the Raffle prize of interest, like the form below. Checks for Raffle tickets bought by mail must be received by August 21.

In addition, you, or another YLPA family member, may buy Raffle tickets in person on the 26th at the End of Season Gathering at the Clubhouse. You need not be present to win one of the Raffles, but Auction winners will receive their prize on the spot. Raffle winners not present at the drawing will be notified by email or phone. Prizes will not be shipped. Arrangements may be made to pick up prizes in person at a later date.

To order Raffle tickets by mail, click the page below to download a printable version of the form, then follow instructions in the boxed area of the page.

Click to Download and Print

News & Events 7/13/2018

Yankee Lake From Above

Doug Spranger made and edited a 5 minute video taken from his drone copter flying over Yankee Lake. This beautiful sequence was shot in high definition (1080 p), and can be viewed on YouTube at this link.

Our own Dorothy Langseder died peacefully in her Yankee Lake home with her children by her side, on Monday, 5 March 2018. Her Memorial Page can be found here.

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