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The History of our Lake is important to all of us. Understanding our past helps us all to better appriciate what we have. We are wanting to share stories of the history of our precious Lake. Any story you have about the past, please write it down or create a video of you telling the story. We will post it on our website so everyone can learn more about our wonderful Lake. Please send your stories to info.ylpa@mylaketown.com 

Stories and History of Yankee Lake

Regatta Stories?

Do you have a favorite memory of a Regatta at Yankee Lake? These special times of games, competitions and decorated boats have been a part of Yankee Lake history for many years. What are your favorite stories of Regattas past? Please send your stories to info.ylpa@mylaketown.com 

Fishing at Yankee Lake

Yankee Lake has long been known as an outstanding lake for recreational fishing. Got any stories of "the one that got away"? How about the one you landed? Was it part of a tournament, or were you just out on your own? How about navigating those stumps and rocks? Did you have a favorite spot? Please share your stories of fishing at Yankee Lake. Send your stories to info.ylpa@mylaketown.com 

Family and Friends

Yankee Lake is a special place for family and friends. Whether the event was fire works on the 4th of July, a birthday or anniversary party, or just a summer barbecue, you have stories to tell. Maybe it's about learning to swim. Or to fish. Or rowing a boat. Whatever your special memory, tell us about it! Please send your stories to info.ylpa@mylaketown.com 

Places Around the Lake

Do you remember the Yankee Lake Post Office? How about Bonas' Store? The Ice House? What are your memories of good times at the Club House? Maybe you have stories or photos of old Boarding Houses or even the Yankee Lake Hotel! Share those memories with those of us who weren't around then. We would be facinated to hear about what life was like in earlier years! Please send your stories to info.ylpa@mylaketown.com 


Nature Stories

Let's face it. The wild creatures were here way before we showed up! Do you have interesting, funny or scary stories related to the wildlife at the Lake? Maybe it was those flying squirrels swooping through your great room, or the skunk stealing your hamburgers. What about the raccoon, deer, turkeys, bear, turtles, porcupine or other critters around the Lake. Please send your stories to info.ylpa@mylaketown.com 



Stories shared by YLPA members remain the property of those members. Stories and photos may not be used in any manner or means without prior permission of the owners.

News & Events 6/23/2017

Paint & Sip Party!

Join us in a Paint & Sip Party, Saturday 8 July from 7-9 PM in the Clubhouse. This two-hour painting party is BYOB, and you will paint a Yankee Lake scene guided by Shawn Dell Joyce, an artist from the Wallkill School of Art. All materials and supplies will be provided. You must pre-register to participate! Cost is $30/person. Capacity is limited! Please register online at http://upto.com/e/mMKpO or call Liam or Regina at (845) 457-2787.

Sponsor a Clubhouse Window!

The YLPA is replacing windows in the “Roller Rink” area of the Clubhouse. You can help defray the costs by sponsoring a window. Sponsorships are $500 per window, and covers purchase and installation. A plaque will be placed under each sponsored window with a message up to 150 characters. Please click this link to download the order form. Submit your form and payment early before we run out of windows!

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Local News 3/14/2017

Spiders Eat 400-800 Million Tons of Prey Every Year

It has long been suspected that spiders are one of the most important groups of predators of insects. Zoologists at the University of Basel and Lund University in Sweden have now shown just how true this is – spiders kill astronomical numbers o...

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