Lake Level on the Rise!

The YLPA's Michael Smithem closed the valve at the bottom of the Dam and put in boards on March 11. The lake will begin to return to its normal level with the coming rains. Thanks, Mike for managing the spillway so expertly!

Lowering the lake water level in the off season has many advantages including; allowing property owners and beach communities to make shoreline improvements; allows for additional inspection of the dam; takes the water pressure force off of the dam; helps keep the lake weeds down in the summer time and provides additional water storage capacity within the lake should there be severe precipitation events. Your YLPA continuously monitors the lake level and makes adjustments as necessary.

News & Events 5/8/2019

Water Quality Summer of 2018

The New York State report on Yankee Lake Water Quality over the course of the 2018 summer season is available  by clicking this link.


The opening date will be July 4. A signup form for the July 6 Basketball Clinic can be accessed here. We encourage interested families to register by June 21 to help with our number of volunteer coaches.

Doug Spranger made and edited a 5 minute video taken from his drone copter flying over Yankee Lake. This beautiful sequence was shot in high definition (1080 p), and can be viewed on YouTube at this link.

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