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You are invited to join the Yankee Lake Preservation Association, Inc. Paying your annual dues means that you are paying your fair share of the costs associated with maintaining the dam, testing and maintaining the water quality, maintaining the  privacy of your lake, payment of local taxes and so forth. All of this serves to enhance your property values.

Back in the 1890s and early 1900s, the property surrounding Yankee Lake was subdivided. Certain of those property lots were granted rights to use Yankee Lake as part of their property deed. Some lots had direct access to the Lake, while others had access strictly through the use of deeded designated rights-of-way to the Lake. These deeded Lake rights, and access rights of way, have been passed down through the years as deeds have changed hands.

If you own property in the area of Yankee Lake with deeded access to Yankee Lake, then you are expected to join and pay annual dues to the Yankee Lake Preservation Association, Inc. Although there are rules and regulations concerning the lake shore and your use of the lake, there are no onerous covenants and restrictions as is sometimes the case with more formal homeowner's associations.

A previous organization at one time owned the body of water known as Yankee Lake. In the late 1990s, that organization found itself unable to pay taxes, and the ownership of the lake was forfeited to Sullivan County, and Yankee Lake was in imminent danger of becoming a public lake. So, what might have happened if the County then could not afford the upkeep on the dam? Or they could not afford the DEC-mandated engineering assessments and downstream modeling? Indeed, what would happen even now if homeowners around Yankee Lake stopped paying their dues? The dam would not be maintained, and the State would force us to drain the lake. Click to play the short movie to see what might happen....

To keep this from happening, an association of those who own property  with deeded rights of access to the lake was formed, now known as the Yankee Lake Preservation Association (YLPA). This association of property owners was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the State of New York. The property owners established By-Laws for the operation of the organization, and elected a Board of Directors to deal with the finances of the organization and all other day-to-day affairs. This association of property owners purchased back from Sullivan County the Lake, the dam, some of the rights-of-ways, and, later, several additional pieces of property related to the preservation and maintenance of the area.

So you see why, in order to keep the lake private and not allow it to fall back into the hands of the State, it is vital that all property owners with deeded lake rights to the lake pay their fair share to pay the taxes, maintain the dam, clubhouse, pay for insurance, and so forth.

The waters of Yankee Lake are held back by an earthen dam that was constructed in the mid-1800s as part of the water supply infrastructure for the Delaware and Hudson (D & H) Canal. Whenever there is a population downstream from a dam, such as is the case with our dam, then, regardless of the actual risk of dam failure, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) designates those dams protecting those downstream populations as "High Hazard" dams. The dam at Yankee Lake is a designated high hazard dam. There are significant State regulations that apply to High Hazard Dams. These regulations contribute to the costs that the YLPA is obligated to meet.

Please see the chart below, which depicts in graphical form how 2012 dues were spent. First and foremost, your Association, as owner of the Lake and its dam, has the responsibility to maintain the safety and integrity of our dam. This requires annual maintenance work, strict compliance with State law regarding such structures, periodic engineering evaluations, and appropriate reserve funds as defined by the State. Then, there is liability insurance. And fire insurance on the Club House. Legal and other professional fees. Postage. This web site. Water quality testing and other environmental expenses. Only 12% went toward fish stocking, concerts, the children's program, and other activities and events.

To pay your dues, please click the link at the top of this page to download a copy of our dues payment form. Dues includes tags for three watercraft. If you have more than three, then please include $5 for each additional tag that you need, and indicate that on the form. (We recommend that you tag your floating docks and swim platforms. They sometimes get loose and sail across the lake. Having a tag on them makes it easy to locate the owner.) Also, please take a moment to consider volunteering on one or more of our YLPA committees. Many hands make light work!

2013 Expenses Pie Chart



Would You Like to Make a Donation?

Members frequently ask to make a donation to support particular areas of the Yankee Lake experience. Or, sometimes, a family wishes to honor a deceased loved one. If you would like to make a donation, the easiest way is to note the area of interest on your dues form, and add the donation amount to your payment. Another option is to click the category below that you would like to contribute to. Clicking the link will create an email message, addressed to the appropriate member of the Board of Directors, who can help you with your request.

Dam Maintenance
"History of Yankee Lake" Book
Fish Stocking Program
Children's / Youth Program
Clubhouse Renovation
Land Purchases
Clubhouse Grounds and Gardens
Plant a Memorial Tree
Memorial Bench
YLPA's General Fund

News & Events 5/8/2019

Water Quality Summer of 2018

The New York State report on Yankee Lake Water Quality over the course of the 2018 summer season is available  by clicking this link.


The opening date will be July 4. A signup form for the July 6 Basketball Clinic can be accessed here. We encourage interested families to register by June 21 to help with our number of volunteer coaches.

Doug Spranger made and edited a 5 minute video taken from his drone copter flying over Yankee Lake. This beautiful sequence was shot in high definition (1080 p), and can be viewed on YouTube at this link.

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